Now in Dubai. World Of Coffee is going on.⁣

Our exclusive partner in Dubai is Almenhaz @ and they have big booth for Duomo as well. ⁣

You can visit them and talk about coffee product and specialty coffee in Dubai as well as Duomo!⁣

The booth is C100.

Duomo The Eight guide.⁣

Watch the movie clip for How to use of Duomo well.⁣
⁣Then you will know the more about it.⁣
⁣Contact us about it more.

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Hi. China.

We are pleased to announce that Duomo has started to sell in China.

Introduce our partner that is NOWHERE COFFEE.

They are selling specialty coffee product in Taobao which is biggest platform in China.


Actually Copy of Duomo is a lot in China.

Just they follow Duomo. But not a same fuction and design as well.

But from now, They can buy original and real distribution tool Duomo in China.

So we are happy to say that Chinese can buy Duomo in Taobao now!

We know Duomo is more expensive that copy one.

But it will be valuable for sure.






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