WDT DUOMO specification

DUOMO is for 58mm portafilter.

It has The 7 Needles that made from steel that can be replaced.

Depth of Needle can be adjusted for Single, Double and Triple bottomless (VST, IMS and so on)

The Handle has two type of color that made from steel (Silver tip) and brass (Gold tip)

The body is made from Aluminum and The Base is with Silicone and brush that can be replaced.

Product (DOUMO) size

Width (diameter) : 60mm (The Base 91mm)

Length (diameter) : 60mm (The Base 91mm)

Height : 100mm (The Base 33mm)

Weight : 580g (The Body 368g and The Base 212g)

Package size (including DUOMO)

Width : 97mm

Length : 97mm

Height : 124mm

Weight (Total) : 712g

All product Made in Korea.
Developed by Coffeez

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