Many of our DUOMO user asked me that if the Chinese version is similar or same with DUOMO.

The Chinese version is below

My answer is "Yes" But Only the use of niddle :) 

Nothing same, Nothing even similar.

Sure, DUOMO is the real McCoy.

You know Small things make Big differences.

Also there is very similar with BT Tool in the Instagram.

Yes, almost same as BT Tool as you know.

So, BT Company said it is quite annoying. But also they are not going to do anything.

Because they also think "The copy can not follow the real. Just looks same."

We are happy to see the copy one.

Because our design is correct to make better coffee.

BT Tool also agreed.

However We are doing more develop instead of annoying.

Also For our real user, We will give more worthy things.

Check that out what is more and keep me updated.



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